What Is It With All The Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads

Wasn’t it not so long ago that Mark Zuckerberg talked about not monetizing Facebook! How those days have changed….Not for the best in some peoples minds.

Video ads, TV shows, what next in the big Facebook corporate takeover? It is just me or are there Facebook ads literally everywhere now?

Here’s an excerpt from an article written by blogger James Gaubert and you can catch his blog “The Digital Diary” HERE if you want to read all of his really worthwhile content. I love it as it is direct and honest,a rare quality these days.


 It started selling mid-roll video ads, and more importantly, it started funding video projects that could host those ads. It’s even paying video publishers to make TV shows for Facebook, a chance for more video ad inventory. 

– It started selling ads inside Instagram Stories. It’s tough to tell how popular Stories have been on other Facebook platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself, but presumably those Story ads will show up on other platforms, too

It does seem like James has said in his article that as we spend less time watching TV and more time on social networks there seems to be more and more intrusive ads popping up on this pretty much unregulated platform.

What do you think? Read the full article over on James’ blog page using the link below