Step By Step Blogging Tips For Beginners

If you are just thinking about setting up a blog or web page this is a great step by step blogging Tips video tutorial to watch it gives you some great tips and advice, I love watching visual step by step guides as you can watch them over and over again telling you get the concept unlike reading something that sometimes does not always stick in the brain if we are thinking to far ahead

I have watched this video a few times and it makes sense to me so I really hope you find it useful too, it has been brought to by James Stafford on YouTube thanks for sharing it with us

Here is a excerpt from about it

This step by step WordPress blog tutorial will explain the difference between a blog and a website and will show you how to create a blog properly so you can ultimately create a blog business and get paid for your passions! Learn how to start a blog and make money through your ideas.. passions.. services!


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