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Don't worry, your traffic generation course is just what you need to build a BIG business online.

This is just an addition to it, but imagine if you could not only generate lots of traffic to your Online Business but also earn passive income from this huge influx of traffic.

I bet that would make a HUGE difference to your free time and also your finances too....


Do You Want To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

  • Passively Earn Whilst You Sleep....

  • Set It Up Once & Get Paid Forever

  • Learn How The Internet Millionaires Earn Their 6-7 Figure Paychecks

More Time With The Family Or Friends And Still Receiving Income 24/7.....

But Passively.

Does This Interest You?

Well it should do so read on....This just might be the thing you need to compliment your traffic generation course.


Introducing To You....

"Passive Income On Demand"

Passive income is by far the best method for sustained wealth known.

When you combine passive income and great traffic generation then your chances of success increases dramatically.

Suitable for novices or experts alike,no special knowledge needed

This 12 ~DVD set will lead you by the hand through the process of making passive income forever....Well for as long as you want it anyway!

This Could Be Your  **SECRET**  Weapon That solves Your Problems Completely, Wiping Off All Your Debt In No Time.

Put Together Your Own Passive Income Generating Machine

When you package this set of 12 DVD's together with the DVD of the month package you have already subscribed too it could set you up for life on the path you want to take to become a successful Internet Business owner.

You see when you put together a great Traffic Generation system and a great Passive Income system you get one AMAZINGLY GOOD package that has the potential to generate an income far beyond your wildest dreams now....And more importantly it will be sustainable into the future.

And of course it is something that you can hand down to your childrenin time too, giving them a secure legacy and future too in an uncertain world.

Each and every DVD in this set gives you tips and strategies for a different source of Passive income so you will be sure to find something you can work with.

This Is What You Will Get On The DVD's

DVD#1-Mark Anastasi

  • Talks about Leveraging Time
  • If you are going to sell time then sell someone else's, sell products
  • Dividends for long term passive income (Cash flow from Trading)
  • Looking for the best businesses at the best price

DVD#2-Ron Holland

  • The Biggest Secret To Your Success in any business
  • Penny shares and when to buy them for long term success
  • Outsourcing product development
  • How this simple mind clearing trick can set you up to be successful in your business

DVD#3-Mark Lyford

  • The 3 elements you NEED to succeed online
  • Why you need a mentor to help you succeed in your business
  • What is the Ultimate Passiver Income Source & how to make money giving it away
  • How to build a buyers list FAST and why this list is so important.
  • Where to send everyone on your list to get the maximum from them in the long term

DVD#4-JT Foxx

  • How to realise your Strategic Net Worth
  • Building relationships
  • 4 types of passive income
  • The 5 Reasons why you, at this time in your life are Not Worth The Money You Should Be Worth
  • How you should NEVER use your own money EVEN if you have it (Except for self-education)
  • How to find GREAT deals & opportunities & how to fund these GREAT deals and opportunities
  • Using Zero based thinking and Transformational thinking to your advantage
  • Why you MUST have a brand
  • How to Network for Success and with anybody & why you need to be IRS ( Informative,Relevant, Sincere) at any networking session
  • Why you need to have Instant Credibility Effect wherever you go

DVD#5- Chris Farrell

  • The 4 Words that can change your life
  • What are the 3 steps you need to understand to make money online
  • How you need to F.O.C.U.S. and what this actually means in reality
  • What is the Biggest Killer of Online Success & how to avoid it
  • Why start an internet business in the first place
  • You need a GREAT Life and NOT a Good Life and why they are always enemies of each other

DVD#6-Guy Cohen

  • Stock Trading- Insider trading the legal way
  • How you can make money Safely with a low time requirement & the opportunity for windfall profits
  • How you can follow the "Experts" quietly and see what they are looking at BEFORE anything happens in the market, giving you early warning of any changes likely to be happening in the market
  • Learn how to Accumulate trades without attracting attention keeping your trades discreet but profitable and leveraging to get as much profit as you can, as soon as you can
  • How to trade what you see which cultivates your intuition for the markets
  • How to Maximise Your Rewards Whilst Minimising Your Risk

DVD#7-John Lee

  • How to Buy a house with no money of your own
  • How you can find motivated sellers
  • How you can get £1000's from leads with No Property To Sell
  • Making 20% -30% profit on every property you buy
  • Why you DON'T make money selling a property
  • How a simple contract can make you £1000's and you don't even own the property
  • A method you can use to make money from a property month after month when you haven't even bought it, and when you do buy it you make a good profit too

DVD#8-Matt Bacak

  • 6 step plan to selling online as an affiliate marketer
  • Finding a "Hot" niche to target
  • What you have to do to become a "Super Affiliate"
  • What to look for in an offer so that you make a ton of money from it 
  • How to leverage others to make you a fortune as an affiliate

DVD#9-Marco Koslowski

  • How to FIRE yourself from your own business
  • How you can make lots of passive income getting others doing all the work for you 
  • How you can eliminate ALL of the risk by profit sharing
  • Get paid for helping others, the more people you can help then the more money you make
  • Have FUN and make money too

DVD#10-Steven Essa

  • Using Webinars to make money, even when you are on holiday
  • Why webinars get higher conversions than a traditional website
  • How you can make money from someone else's webinar over and over again
  • The 7 steps you need to run a successful webinar
  • The different types of webinars that can suit ANY type of person, so there is ALWAYS something for everybody
  • What the most lucrative types of webinar are and how you can capitalise on them easily

DVD#11-Minesh Bhindi

  • Why traditional methods of investing in Gold simply don't work
  • Why you need to own Gold/Silver in the right form to make money from it
  • How you can "Cash Flow" Gold
  • The 3 step plan to make you "FREE" Money  to reinvest in the Gold/Silver Market
  • Use the same methods and strategies used by the big city institutions to make money and secure your assets
  • How you can "RENT" your Gold/Silver out and make money from it
  • Why your cash is nearly worthless now and why you never hear about it
  • Why is China urging it's citizens to buy physical Gold/Silver 

DVD#12-Bill Walsh

  • Why success is about building active communities
  • Why it's impossible to motivate someone who's going downhill
  • 7 Things that turn a good business into a GREAT business
  • Success is a process NOT an event
  • Using F.E.M.O.R. WILL dramatically change your life forever 
  • Why most people in business fail
  • How you can schedule your plan for success NOT failure
  • Why chasing the money will ALWAYS leave you broke
  • What are the qualities of being a great leader & how do you get these qualities in your life
  • Why you need to spend time with people who DESERVE you, not NEED you

Combine The Power Of Traffic Generation And Passive Income Streams And Your Online Business Will Sky Rocket To A Completely Different Level

Generate a massive leap in your online income by combining the tips and strategies on both sets of DVD's


 Increase both sales and online traffic beyond your wildest dreams. Some of the world's best minds have contributed to these DVD's



Get the freedom to do more with your time and spend that time with the people you love, anywhere in the world and still run a successful online business


So What's The Cost For All Of These DVD's Then?

This set of DVD's Can, and do sell for a pricetag of between £299-£399 a set and it is not hard to see why with all of this information on them from some of the top,successful Millionaires in the world today.

You will be so glad when you get them at this awesome special discounted price and you can take advantage of this information to kickstart your business to a new higher level of success

Passive Income On Demand 12 DVD set





ONLY £197.99

This is a very special price here as it sells normally for £299-£399 for the set as the Internet Millionaires have put so much work and information into these DVD's it's no wonder they charge 4 figures an hour to meet up one on one with them.

This is a limited Licenced Product which means that this information isn't readily available to the general public.

There are only a limited number of licences available for these which makes the information on them even more valuable and I am one of a few persons allowed to distribute these to the public

As a result of the limited licence and I want to let the general public get hold of this information I am able to offer these for a super low price of only

£197.99 But only if you act fast....

As always there is a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee With This product set

Now you can test drive this product for 30 days with no risk attached

If you think that this is not for you then simply contact me using the support email you will receive on purchasing this product and I will return 100% of your money.NO QUESTION ASKED!

All I ask is that you return the 12 DVD's back to me


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