7 Amazing Tips For Business Owners That Can’t Market Or Sell

If you are a business owner and struggling with selling or marketing or perhaps you haven’t got a marketing bone in your body but you still want to be successful.

Well there is a way you can be.

Here is an excerpt from this article over on the Inc.com website for you

An entrepreneur can be successful without being a marketer or salesperson.

This might sound a bit odd. After all, an entrepreneur goes into business to sell something–to create a product, to meet a need, or to grow a business, right?

That’s true. But not every entrepreneur has the talent or background. What’s more, many entrepreneurs have no desire to become salespeople. They can do one thing really well. Maybe they can do several things really well. But what if sales isn’t one of them?

It’s OK. If there’s an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a sales bone in his body, he or she can still grow a business like gangbusters.

Here’s how.

1. Produce content.

Modern online sales happens through content marketing. You will be successful at generating sales if you are successful at content marketing.

Companies who blog have 97 percent more inbound links. The more content on your blog, the better. Businesses that have websites of more than 400 pages get six times as many leads as websites consisting of only 51 to 100 pages. You get more pages by growing your trove of content.

Content marketing doesn’t feel at all like sales. In the traditional sense of sales, it’s not. What is it then? Content marketing is all about solving problems, providing value, creating connections, forming relationships, building an audience.

And, yes, it’s making sales, but not directly.

There are of course 6 other amazing tips for you so you can be sure that you will become a successful business without all the headaches of selling or marketing.

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