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Do You Know The 3 "B's" Of Traffic Generation?

Just Knowing These Can Transform Your Business Overnight 

Without Traffic Your Business Is Dead In The Water..... 

Website Traffic Masterclass Is The Ultimate "Premium" Traffic Generation Information Product!

This Is What Website Traffic Masterclass Could Do For You....
  • Gain Extra Visitors to your website almost at will using these tips & strategies
  • Skyrocket Your Profits Using These Traffic Generating Tactics.

  • Get Long Term Security For You And Your Family With The Extra Cash From This Traffic.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace. No Risk Of Information Overload,Go As Fast Or Slow As You Need To.

  • Works Anywhere. You can listen to these DVD's anywhere so long as you have a compatible DVD player or PC that can play DVD's

This is WITHOUT DOUBT The BEST Information Product You Will Use For Your Business

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Dear Friend,

You see I do know what it is like having little to no visitors to a website so you are not alone I can tell you....

And I do know first hand that it can be devastating to your business and you too personally as you feel as if you are useless and your website is rubbish...When in fact you should be thinking the opposite, you are fantastic and your website is fantastic too.

It's amazing how many people give up on their dreams and aspirations at this stage

Well luckily for you there is a credible and proven way for you to send consistent and targeted traffic to your website.....Every Day,not just a few days a month.....

Traffic Is The LIFEBLOOD of ANY Business Online....Period!

And simply knowing what the 3 "B's" of traffic generation are can dramatically transform both you and your business overnight practically

So what are these 3 "B's" then?


There are only 3 ways to generate traffic on your website...


B,B or B


You can Buy traffic

You can Build your traffic up yourself or you can

Borrow traffic from other sources



Each one has it's merits and downfalls but by far the best one is to borrow traffic from other sources


To buy traffic can be expensive and unreliable as you don't know where the traffic comes from and it only keeps going for as long as you pay for it.


Building your own traffic is good and can give you a good source of traffic for years but it does take a long time to do, often years before you reap the benefits but on the positive side it is usually free to do.


The last method is to borrow traffic from other sources, these sources are usually sources that have tons of traffic there anyway so you can have a massive amount of traffic right from the off and the traffic is usually good quality too meaning you get more from it for your business.

So how can you get hold of borrowed traffic?

For example did you know that a simple change in the way you think about traffic generation can increase your own traffic by a factor of 2 because you are thinking completely differently about what it is you are trying to achieve, coupled with knowing WHERE to get this traffic too puts you above 95% of other business owners on the internet and increases your bottom line turnover too. 

Setting out on your journey can be very scary but it doesn't have to be for one simple reason....It Isn't Scary

It just relies on simple procedures that you just keep repeating over and over again 

All YOU have to do is to learn these procedures.


The Website Traffic Masterclass DVD of The Month Club will do just that for you....It will break it all down into monthly sessions with Millionaire Strategy Experts from all over the world and they will teach you these steps or procedures you need to be successful as an Internet Marketer  Simple Isn't it?

You will be learning from Top Millionaires such as:

Mark Anastasi

Gareth Owen

Sarah Staar

Daven Michaels

Scott Rewick 

And Many More Too....

The Information That Is Here Is Worth It's Weight In Gold  


As you can see there is a jump from 20,000 to nearly 40,000 visitors with one promotion and it has steadied off at around the 10,000 visitors per day to the website in the month of December 2016....

Would your business love to have 10,000 visitors per day to your website?

This Is Why You Will Love Website Traffic Masterclass

Once you have listened to the DVD's you will be Amazed at the information you will learn....

Tips From Some Of The World's TOP Millionaires

Some of the world's best known Internet Marketers share their secrets with you....

Getting High Converting Ads

Gain the knowledge to achieve high converting-low cost advertising,time and time again....

Getting In The Right Mindset

Mindset is everything in Internet Marketing and using these simple but not publicised tips and techniques you can easily set your mind to think like a millionaire....

If you want to be successful in your business then you will be ASTOUNDED what you will learn every month from the Internet Millionaires:

  • The 7 principles of wealth creation and how to use them in your business.
  • Getting Traffic F.A.S.T. using Social Media -and I mean FAST!
  • Finding rich sources of untapped traffic.
  • Outsourcing = Freedom
  • Increasing your Traffic Conversion 10-Fold
  • Where the traffic is on the internet (Not Google,YouTube)
  • Targeting traffic for pennies or less using Adsense.
  • Learn at your own pace and be able to implement what you have learnt- No more information overload
  • How to get Low Competition therefore maximising sales.The secret sources of massive traffic and very little competition in your chosen market
  • YouTube Keyword Domination Strategy
  • How you can use Ethical Persuasion
  • Financial Independance starts at 400 Clicks a day

And Lots,Lots More.......

You Can Now Solve Your Traffic Problem Forever....

When you subscribe to the Website Traffic Masterclass DVD of the Month Club you will have at your fingertips the means to banish your traffic drought for good.

You will be able to grab masses of traffic at will and send visitors to your website 24/7 and when you learn from the Internet Masters, The Millionaire's, what to do with this traffic you will be set up for life..... 


What Exactly Is Website Traffic Masterclass DVD Of The Month Club?

Website Traffic Masterclass is your BEST method for learning how you can send targeted traffic to your website for practically no money or sometimes FREE in some cases...The BEST  way to be able to achieve your goal of being successful in Internet Marketing is to learn from the Experts, as that knowledge will stay with you forever and benefit you and secure your future as a successful Internet Marketer.

Each month you get a brand new sealed DVD delivered through your letterbox so you can sit and learn from the Experts 

Using The DVD Of The Month Will Enable You To Be Sitting In The Same Room With The TOP Internet Marketing Millionaires And Learn From Them First Hand.

Each and every DVD in the series will give you new strategies and some proven millionaire tips to drive more and more traffic to your web page or site practically at will.

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a complete novice at Internet Marketing you will pick up something specifically that you can use in your business to increase traffic and sales.

Getting More Clients

The more clients you have the more sales you make and the tips and strategies here will increase your client base. Consistency is the key here


Take A Leap Of Faith

Why you have to believe in yourself and take a leap of faith rather than staying where you are in life. If you change nothing where would you be in 5 years

How To Leverage Properly

This is a very powerful thing to do and if you do it correctly you will have other people doing all of your work for you.

Where To Get Traffic From

Most people look to Google and Facebook for their traffic but there are far bigger sources of traffic you can use if you know where to look.

How To Turn A Loss Into Profit

Many businesses operate at a loss for the first 2 years or more,but with this information you will be operating at a profit very early in your business life.

Dominate The Search Engines

Using some unknown tips and simple strategies you can crush the search engines and have them send you tons of traffic, free and paid, right to your website.


This Is What You Get When You Subscribe To The DVD Of The Month Club....

  • Sealed DVD posted to you every month - This isn't just another downloadable product that sits on your hard drive. This is an actual physical product you can watch over and over again to make sure you understand fully the strategies from the experts on each DVD.
  • Expert knowledge right from the Masters of Internet Marketing - Every one of the millionaires on the DVD's have their own personal strategies and tips  for success that they teach you so that each month you will learn something completely new and can then implement it into your business before moving on to the next month's teaching.
  • Every new strategy you learn has been tested thoroughly - As the Internet Millionaire masterminds pass their strategies and tips on to you, you can  be assured that they have tested them thoroughly BEFORE you get to hear their secrets first hand.
  • Much Much More....

A Special Report on Viral Marketing Tactics
(Value £27)

This report lays down the foundations of viral marketing for you in an easy to read  way and also gives you the information and ideas to be able to send a campaign viral on the internet for even more traffic.

This 22 page report goes through such topics as:

1. Powerful Techniques on Viral List Building

2. Marketing & Brand Name Building

3. Leveraging Other People's Lists
4. The Power of Exponential Growth

After reading this report you will be in a great position to be able to drive even more traffic to your website and to be able to generate viral traffic at will.

And It's Yours Absolutely FREE



Special Bonus #2

This Special report is one I have made specifically for this DVD of the Month Club and it is called

5 All Time Best Traffic Generation Methods
That Produce Amazing Results
(Value £17)
This short report gives you my best 5 methods that you can use to generate traffic to your website.

All of these methods have been tried and tested over the years and some are proven to be more successful than others but they ALL are capable of generating traffic long term and can be implemented in a very short time.

Special Bonus #3

Top 13 Ways People Create Online Passive Income
(Value £29)

This eBook has 31 pages full of great passive income ideas that people ACTUALLY USE to create long term passive income.

Each one of these 13 ways can turn into a passive stream income for you so you can see the potential here straight away.

This eBook covers topics such as: 

The power of Digital Products


Stock Photo's & Music

Membership Sites

Google Adsense & Youtube

Leveraging Your Phone

Joint Ventures

Physical Products and more.....


This is a very powerful read if you are looking at passive income streams where you do the work once and get paid forever

and it's yours for FREE

To help you even more to get into the Millionaire Internet Marketer frame of mind, I have included as a FREE Bonus for you a 2nd DVD from Millionaire Mastermind Mark Anastasi on "How To Make £5k-£15k a Month from The Internet".

This Bonus DVD is Mark at his very best and you will soon be immersing yourself fully into the Internet Marketing business and treating your business as just that....A Business and not a hobby.

So What's The Price For The "Website Traffic Masterclass" DVD of the Month Club 

DVD Of The Month Club 

Website Traffic Masterclass Monthly Subscription             £27.00

Bonus DVD From Mark Anastasi (Initial Sale Only)            £27.00

Bonus #1 Viral Marketing Tactics                                         £27.00

Bonus #2 5-Best Traffic Generation Methods                     £17.00

Bonus #3 13 Ways To Create Online Passive Income        £29.00

                                                                Total Cost               £127.00 

This series could be sold easily for £197.00 because of the information on the DVD's it's great value even at this price.....

However, I won't charge you that price. In fact, you won't even get charged the £27 per month that the subscription normally starts at.

You will only need to pay the really low price of £9.97 for the first 30 days followed by 11 more payments of just £19.95 per month for the duration of the course.

The normal price for this Monthly Subscription was £27.00 per month for the duration of the course but you don't pay that price at all.

That's Just £9.97 For The First Month Which Includes Your Free Bonus DVD From Mark Anastasi As Well As The Bonus Package Too Giving A Total Value Of £127.00  

There Is Also A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

**This Product Can Be Shipped To The United States & Europe Too**

Your Risk Free Guarantee From Me....

Now you can test drive this product for 30 days for the trial price of just £9.97 with  NO RISK!  after which point you will continue to pay a subscription of just £19.95 per month for a further 11 months.

If you think the product is not for you then simply contact me through the support email sent to you when you subscribe and I will return 100% of your money to you. No Question Asked.

There are No Strings, No Catches, and YOU remain in complete control.

Or You Could Order ALL 12 DVD's In One Set For The Low Price of Just £149.00 Saving you money overall and you can watch them whenever you wish to over and over again.

Simply Hit the Add To Cart Button Below To Take Advantage Of This Offer


Francis Faulkner

Website Traffic Masterclass

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